Unlocking Wellness: The Benefits of CBD- Infused Massages

DC Life Magazine 9/29 2:36P Dionne Joi
CBD for Wellness In the heart of the nation s capital, where the fast-paced lifestyle can often lead to stress and tension, residents are turning to creative wellness solutions to find relaxation and...

Awesome Outdoor Event Ideas To Rock Your Party

DC Life Magazine 9/28 6:51P Event Promoter Unknown
Planning an outdoor event is an exciting and challenging process with endless possibilities, and it is essential to come up with ideas that will entertain your guests and leave a lasting impression....

The Most Popular Makeup For Brown Beauties

DC Life Magazine 9/28 6:02P Courtney Diggs
Makeup is one of the popular products of the beauty industry that people of the industry involve themselves with. What has been particularly controversial when it comes to makeup products, though, is...

How To Figure Out Your Fashion Style Right Now

DC Life Magazine 9/28 5:35P Eschelle Demure
Let s help you figure it all out. If you re unsure of what to wear each day because your closet has too many options, you may benefit from finding your fashion style. Making some choices on what are going to be your staples is a great start. Do...

Guide to Wellness in DC

DC Life Magazine 9/28 12:05P Dionne Joi
Wellness in Washington D.C., We re a city famed for our rich history and political significance. However DC is also a popular destination for wellness enthusiasts looking for tranquility. The nation s...

Faherty Favorites: 4 Essential Pieces to Wear This Fall

Alicia Tenise 9/21 11:30A Alicia
Fall is here , and there s nothing better than curling up in your favorite sweater and jeans. But what if you don t have a favorite yet? Look no further than Faherty. This luxury lifestyle brand has...

Best Places to Have Great Food in London

DC Life Magazine 9/17 3:26P The Editors
London is not only a shopper’s paradise but is a foodie’s delight too. There was a time when food in the capital city of England was not considered up to the mark, however, times have changed and so...

24 Hours in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

A Touch of Teal 9/16 12:00A Katie
Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweepin down the plain And the wavin wheat can sure smell sweet When the wind comes right behind the rain. Oklahoma, every night my honey lamb and I Sit alone and talk...

24 Hours in Wichita, Kansas

A Touch of Teal 9/15 2:59P Katie
I m back with a recap of the second stop on our summer 2023 Great American Roadtrip — you can also read all about the genesis of our trip and our first stop in Omaha, Nebraska and our third and final...

The Aesthetic Institute Founder Dr. Adam Summers

DC Life Magazine 9/15 8:14A Dan Fecht
The Aesthetic Institute was founded by Dr. Adam Summers, recognized by Newsweek as one of the Top Plastic Surgeons in the United States, and lifetime medical educator and innovator. In the realm of...

24 Hours in Omaha, Nebraska (+ a Quick Trip to Iowa!)

A Touch of Teal 9/14 3:12P Katie
My friend Emma and I try to take one big trip together every year — we ve done San Francisco , Key West , a roadtrip through the Deep South , Charleston , Memphis + Oxford , and, most recently, Hawaii...

Mistakes To Avoid When Trying To Get Your Body Into Shape

DC Life Magazine 9/14 12:32P admin2
Getting in shape is something that’s going to look and feel different for everyone, and while everyone’s health is a personal thing, everyone should strive to feel good. Staying fit will require...

Life-Saving Certifications Anyone Can Get

DC Life Magazine 9/12 4:24A The Editorial Staff
Have you ever witnessed an emergency medical situation and seen someone jump up and yell, “I can help!” even though they weren’t a doctor or a nurse? They likely had some type of life-saving...

Are You More of a Homebody After the Pandemic?

A Touch of Teal 9/9 12:00A Katie
I wanted to discuss this topic because this is a conversation I ve been having a lot in all avenues of my life — with my best friends, my coworkers, my sisters, the strangers in line at the store: are...
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