Do you require a new driveway gate to be established or require driveway-repairing services from a trusted and respectable organization? We at Washington DC Garage Door will give you the best driveway gate installation in Washington DC at moderate rates and you will comprehend what we bring to the table.


The reasons for our excellence

We at Washington DC Garage Door have been offering best of installation and repairing to driveway gates in Washington DC and the surrounding area. We have a long list of satisfied customers that proves our excellence and reliability. Let us see why so many citizens of Washington DC rely on us to have the best of driveway gate repair in Washington DC.


The experience

 The experience that we have picked up during the time that we have really been in this line of business will enable us to fulfill your prerequisites. Our customer care focus plays an essential capacity to ensure that we offer our client with best of driveway gate installation in Washington DC they require. You ought not to have any questions as to the course of our action of driveway gate installation.


Professional and honest services

We are a privately possessed and worked organization offering the best of driveway gate installation in Washington DC that is recognized by our professional, genuine and artisanship in all of our administrations. We are not in the business to complete a one-time work for you since we need you to be our lifetime customer. We keep our driveway gate installation astoundingly competitive and reasonable in this industry and offer supple answers for fulfilling every client's spending plan and certain necessities.


The goal we work

Our main goal is to bring the best driveway gate installation in Washington DC and we ensure that our clients have quality services from us. The size of the work is not a factor for us as we value all customers with the same care and affection. Our primary objective is to point towards quality and responsibility.  


Affordability with quality service

Our administration on the business of offering driveway gate installation in Washington DC is based on honesty. We never charge a single penny more than the actual cost of the work. The initial estimate is the one that we stick to even after finishing the work. In other words, there are no hidden charges associated with our estimates. Demonstrable skill and Stability have empowered us to be famous as a standout amongst the most noteworthy door administrations organizations in Washington DC.

So, when you desire to have the best of driveway door installed or repaired do call us at Washington DC Garage Door dialing (202) 683-6040.

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In case you are contemplating introducing an automatic gate operator on your property, however, are not sure if it was justified, despite all the trouble, let us enable you to choose. The following are our main six advantages of using automatic gate operator in Washington DC from us at Washington DC Garage Door. A few advantages are genuinely self-evident, however others you might not have considered previously.


The various reasons for having our automatic gate operator

We at Washington DC Garage Door pride ourselves on furnishing contractual workers and mortgage holders with the most astounding quality automatic gate operator in Washington DC at sensible costs. We have been giving first-class products to the inhabitants and entrepreneurs in the entire metro of Washington D.C. Our gate operators offer many benefits and that are the reasons many select our automatic gate operator in Washington DC. Let us have a look at some of those so that you also decide to have the same.


Security for you and your family

It is a well-known fact that an automatic gate operator at the front of your property is an extraordinary method to enhance security. Truth be told, regularly these sorts of entryways are alluded to as 'carport security doors'. An automatic gate operator in Washington DC from us on your driveway will confine vehicle and walker access to your property. This implies you, your family, your home and your assets will be increasingly secure.


Wellbeing for you, kids and pets

One of the inestimable advantages of automatic gate operator is security. Right off the bat, in case you are getting back home late around evening time, you can open the door from the security of your own vehicle. In addition, on the off chance that you have little kids, our automatic gate operator in Washington DC will keep them from meandering on to the street or pursuing a ball into approaching traffic. It will likewise ward off undesirable individuals and creatures from your youngster.


Furthermore, thirdly, on the off chance that you have a pet, for example, a pooch, our automatic gate operator in Washington DC can keep your pet on your property. It can likewise keep different creatures from entering your yard and irritating or battling with your pets.


Best of privacy

In the event that privacy is a worry of yours, automatic gate operator in Washington DC from us at Washington DC Garage Door is an extraordinary venture. It will keep vehicles from entering your property and individuals from strolling into your yard. This can help decrease the danger of robbery, and diminish individuals' capacity to see into your home.


So, when you desire to have such benefits having an automatic gate opener do call us Washington DC Garage Door dialing (202) 683-6040.


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There is no reason to settle with fundamental door design when you can make your garage entrance an impression of your identity? With custom posts, columns, statues and hues, these style points of interest can fit with your home's design, normal environment – even your most loved leisure activities. We at Washington DC Garage Door are all set to offer you the best of driveway gate installation in Washington DC so that you can beautify your entrance.


Ways you can enhance the beauty of your driveway gate

There are many ways you can enhance the beauty of your driveway gate. If during that process, you face any nature of problem you can rely on us to offer the best of driveway gate repair in Washington DC. 


Use of stone pillars

All entryways require posts and you can update the standard look to put forth a stylish expression with materials like stone. We will be the one upon whom you can depend to offer the best of driveway gate installation in Washington DC when you take such an endeavor.


Utilize decorative lighting

Embellishing lighting not just upgrades the style of a property entryway, yet additionally adds to security and simplicity of route during the evening. The choices are essentially interminable, yet coordinating the shade of the door's metal points of interest to metalwork on the light installation is a decent standard guideline. We will offer you the best of driveway gate installation in Washington DC at an affordable rate. 


Use of arches

 When you have driveway gate installation in Washington DC from us you can use delicate or sensational, a curve can in a flash change the identity of your garage entryway. Try different things with the level of bend to perceive how it influences the look or mirrors your home's design components.



Use of statues

Is it accurate to say that you are an equestrian fan or golf fan? You can add an elaborate component to your entryway when you have driveway gate installation in Washington DC from us. These alleged vanity points of interest are made of the material based on your personal preference and painted to your preferring.


The main goal of ours is to establish excellence in garage door industry by prompt, courteous, high quality workmanship. We offer a huge selection, professional and friendly driveway gate installation in Washington DC and we stand behind everything we sell.


So, do call us at Washington DC Garage Door dialing (202) 683-6040 when you desire to have the best of driveway gate according to your desire and enhance the beauty of your property.

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In as much as you have a garage, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of regular maintenance. The fact is you don’t want to be stuck in your garage, because your garage door couldn’t to open freely. Surprisingly, the damage can come at a time in which you need to arrive at a place urgently. Since you can’t move your car out of your home, you resort to hiring a taxi. Unfortunately, you will have to wait for some time before you can get a taxi.

Garage Door Spring Replacement in Washington DC

However, you can avoid future disappointments when you hire experts to check up on your garage door springs early. A routine check of your garage from an expert can help you fix the faulty spring in your garage door. Interestingly, the commonest problems of garage doors are usually the springs.

At first, you may feel it is unnecessary to facilitate a garage door spring replacement in Washington DC. After all, you have been moving your vehicle in and out of your garage without any form of door obstruction. Yet, after a long while, you start noticing some strange noise. It is at this juncture you need the service of a garage door spring repairer for some of these benefits.

  1. Accident aversion

You wouldn’t want to experience a time in which your garage door will close up forcefully on its own accord. The fault is usually from a worn out spring. The fact is that your garage door springs are used regularly. Therefore, you will expect the spring to worn out after a long use. Unfortunately, you may not get a notice for a bad spring. However, a garage door spring repair in Washington DC can prove to give you the best cover for bad springs. You wouldn’t want to start paying medical bills for a garage door slamming heavily on you unawares.

  1. Balancing

The frequent use of your garage door can cause the springs to shift out of position. Since you may not have the expertise to deal with this issue, you should hire a spring repairer immediately. If the springs become difficult to fix, you shouldn’t hesitate to get a garage door spring replacement in Washington DC.

On a final note, you shouldn’t ignore the chance of examining your garage door springs for damage. After all, you don’t want to make your garage an unsafe place for parking your car. What is the use of a garage when the door springs are causing your garage door to hit you consistently?

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Garage doors are playing a vital role on store or departure your vehicle. On the off chance, if they will malfunction, it will create an awful situation. In order to keep them functional all the time, they need proper care with expert assistance. Before you are going to purchase the garage door opener, make sure that, you have properly check important things including type of drive, horsepower, security, remote control and motor. After researching thoroughly, then make your purchase. There are several important factors to consider while going to choose the right garage door opener.


Vital things those must be followed while make your purchasing




Horsepower is one of the basic things that directly connect to your door. It make you sure, the opener has accurate power to lift the door. This is the reason; you should make your purchase after checking the horsepower. The power of your motor is mainly get influenced by the type of garage door, weight, height and balance. Most of the single and double garage doors, one and half HP motors are perfect. If the garage doors are heavier, three to four HP motors are the perfect choice. Make sure that, there is no mistake while choosing one and half HP garage door opener.


Different type of drive


Belt drive– According to experts, belt drive garage door openers are performing well. They don’t create any noise and this feature makes it ideal to install as your garage door opener.


Chain drives– These are commonly noisy because, they use the conventional method of metal chain along with metal trolley. While they move on track, the friction creates noise. People choose them because, these are least expensive.


Screw drives– It mainly lifts the door with the help of a threaded steel rod. Some manufacturers also produce them with a plastic coating on the rod by which the noise gets reduced.


Direct drive-This is one the latest drive that opens the door without much noise or faster than the others. It doesn’t use any chain or belt like others. Only moving parts make it functional.


Remote controls


While you have remote control, getting into and out of the garage is easier. There will be no requirement to come up from the car and open the door manually. When people started using remote controls, the use number of accessories also gets increased. There are mainly two devices are important, the censor and the wireless keypads. The full variety of controls may not provided for all garage door opening systems but make it sure that, you are purchasing the package including the remote control.


Safety and security 


It is true that, maximum people those are purchasing belt drive garage door openerthey must be well concerned with the safety and security of the accessories. Most of the manufacturers today, follow the accurate safety and security standards for their product.


3850 series of belt drive garage door openers

  • Security systems to prevent unauthorized entry.
  • Safety systems to protect the users from accidental closings along with break-ins.
  • In the event of entrapment, it uses quick-release mechanism on the trolley that allows the garage door to disconnect from the opener.


Apart from them, there is a number of safety and security features are now adding to these systems.




Make sure that, you properly know the terms of the warranty. Few manufacturers give warranty for the entire package and few others only for parts. Check them out thoroughly before make the purchasing.


It will best for you to compare them thoroughly. A comparison table will wipe out the confusion and make you clear about the system. Still if you are confused which will be suitable, ask the garage door experts.


Are you in Washington DC and trying to find a way which will help you to combine smooth performance along with having best of security? If you have such a query then you are at the right place. As you read through you will be able to understand how our Belt Drive Garage Door Opener will make possible having such a combination.

The Qualities That Makes Us To Be The One To Have Belt Drive Garage Door Openers From

There are many manufacturers and suppliers of such garage door opener in Washington DC. The qualities that we would be talking about make us at Washington DC Garage Door to be the one to offer the best of such.

Worry-free operation: It is an assurance from us that whichever model of Belt Drive Garage Door Openers that you have from us you can expect to have a worry-free operation for years. Due to the use of best quality materials and having the installation done by our professional installers such worry-free operation can be had.

1/2 HP Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

The opener would be easily installed by our professional installers within the shortest possible time and you can have an opener for your garage door combining smooth operation along with the highest standard of security in place.

Ease of operation: You will be having the best of ease operating the garage door opener that you have from us. There are some models which offer means to open the garage gate through voice recognition and use of the internet. There are few models which even offer you mean to receive alerts to close or open the gate

Best of security: Most noteworthy feature of our Belt Drive Garage Door Openers is that you can have best of security measure in place. There are security sensors which stop the door to be closed when there is an obstruction. Furthermore, the electronic device attached to the opener stops any forced entry to your garage.

Power use: In contrast to other organizations offering such garage door openers which are noisy ours are so silent that your guest sleeping above the garage would not be able to make out that the garage door is opened. You can expect to have such a silent operation using our series of 3/4 HPS Belt Drive Garage Door Opener which is professionally installed. All the garage door openers have a standby power system in case of an electrical failure.

3/4 HP Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

You definitely wish to have such a garage door opener driven by a belt drive. The best way to have such at an affordable rate and to have it professionally installed is to give Washington DC Garage Door a call at (202) 683-6040.


Garage doors are raised and lowered frequently and such frequent heavy lifting inevitably brings wear and tear to the garage door. Some of its moving parts are bound to breakdown eventually especially the springs. Breakage of garage door springs can be extremely dangerous as when the door is closed or opened it gets stretched which in turn puts a lot of stress upon the springs. And if the springs are old or damaged they break and fly with full force hurting anyone within the vicinity.


The only way to avoid such situation is by knowing the signs that indicate your garage door springs are getting worn down. So that you can anticipate the need for garage door spring repair and avoid any sort of emergency situation.

For recognizing that the garage door spring is going out first of all you need to identify the type of spring attached to your garage door as different springs have different mechanisms. Usually there are two types of garage door springs i.e. Torsion springs and extension springs.

In case of torsion springs to check whether they need a replacement or repair you can perform two things:

·Disengage automatic garage door opener and raise the door manually. If they stay up on their own then the springs are perfectly fine else they need to be repaired or replaced.

·Move the door to mid-level i.e. in between fully raised and fully lowered. Again if the door stays up on its own that’s good else they need a replacement or repair.

In case of extension springs although the sign of failure is the same as in the case of a torsion spring still there are few things you need to check for confirmation of spring breakage.

·Check for any gap in the coils, if found that means the steel with which the spring is made of has given up and hence the spring is unable to produce tension to move the garage door.

·Look out if the right and left side of your garage door are correctly aligned or not. This indicates that the springs are worn out.

·Again if the clips and loops show any sign of wear and tear get confirmed that there is a need for garage door spring replacement.

  Once you have recognized that garage door springs are needed to be replaced or repaired contact a trustworthy garage door spring replacement service provider to help you out.


If your garage door springs are out of order and need professional help for garage door spring replacement or garage door spring repair services in Washington DC, then count on Washington DC Garage Door.

Notwithstanding by and large, being more affordable at initial purchase, Rolling Steel Doors spare cash through the span of their life expectancy. They last more, require less, more affordable repairs, and are tougher and secure than items produced using different materials. Rolling Steel Garage Doors are likewise more vitality proficient, saving money on warming and power costs consistently.

To have all these you need to follow one rule. Yes, it is good to disclose that as you want all those benefits and it is that you must have such doors from us - Yes, the Rolling Steel Doors that we offer makes possible having many other benefits and that is the reason for it to be preferred by many.


As the most vulnerable point of most structures, the security of rolling shutter doors is indispensable in decreasing the potential for harm and misfortune coming about because of burglary, fire, vandalism and an overabundance of noise and pollution etc. Steel doors manufactured and installed by us are more impenetrable than those produced using wood, fiberglass or aluminum and are better ready to give solid security and true serenity.


Fabricated to ensure against demanding conditions and outrageous climate, the versatility of our Rolling Steel Garage Doors can oppose the wear and tear of substantial activity. The utilization of specific entryway parts like corner guards gives insurance against the harm prone to happen because of overwhelming movement and everyday tasks. They can likewise be equipped with rust proof parts including spring coatings and base bars for included solidness.


With legitimate installation and maintenance, steel doors can last for 30 years or longer as they are not susceptible to twisting, decaying, denting or breaking—regular issues with doorways produced using different materials. The top-notch primer and paint coatings utilized on our Rolling Steel Doors ensure against chipping and scratching, keeping the doors looking better more.


Our Rolling Steel Garage Doors are available in a wide assortment of sizes, styles and hues. Furthermore, fabricating improvements and advances in coating and paint items empowers customization to suit even the most novel tasteful prerequisites.

Ease to maintain

Our steel doors need zero maintenance and are effortlessly replaceable, just adding to their unwavering quality and cost-effectiveness. These doors are one of a kind in that they are chosen by many in Washington DC.

If you wish to have such benefits by using the best of Rolling Steel Garage Doors then you need to be in contact with Washington DC Garage Door. We are experts in garage door installation and provide garage door services in Washington DC. We're committed to excellence in service. That's why all of our garage door products and labor come guaranteed. It's not confidence, it's good business. You can have a free estimate by calling us at (202) 683-6040.


Most residential garage doors have two types of springs like torsion spring and extension spring. These are the mainsprings loaded, or tensioned, with a twisting action. The springs regularly do their job just well until the point that they completely fail or when they break. The springs are most important part of the garage door itself and make it much easier to raise and lower the door. Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement generally arise after a long last  lifting ,weather change  and passing of time spring tends to weaken and the metal may leads to break down.

Garage door Torsion springs are a crucial part of your door. You must make sure to get them replaced properly no matter what may be the cost it involves. Replacement of garage door springs will vary depending on a number of factors including the condition of the door spring.

garage door repair

  •  Cost for time is valuable for you and for your service professionals. Once the door opened for spring replacement it may take time to find the appropriate spring, tools and spares for the job. It also takes time for you to familiarize with the door and the spring. Hence cost of time for you and your professionals are important and must be considered.
  • Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair may need lot of tools or equipment such as a clamp to hold the door in place, safety goggles and gloves, step stool or step ladder. Cost of these other tools should be considered for Torsion spring replacement.
  • The cost of the torsion spring is reasonably priced can be purchased from online store local hardware store.
  • The cost of spring must include in the cost of determining the cost of torsion spring repair.

garage door repair

 Little attention to your garage door springs is required.

  • Any problem in Garage Door can be related to the Spring – so check it frequently
  • Springs do go wear and tear, so repairing or replacing with a new Garage Door Torsion Spring is the wise decision
  •  Two different types of springs used on garage doors. Torsion springs are attached just on top of the closed garage door, and the extension springs are situated above the upper tracks on both sides.
  • Garage door springs are tightly under a lot of tension, hence DYI approach of solving the Torsion spring issue will take you to risky situation, avoid it.
  • If garage door is old, or if shows signs of age, call a professional and experienced contractor to inspect the door springs.
  • Do the garage door lubrication periodically to give these a long life.
  • Garage Door Safety Cables are an important safety features as it help to control a broken spring.
  • Proper alignment of springs is the best sign of a well-functioning garage door
  • Garage door springs are attached to brackets on the bottom of the garage door and also under a lot of tension should only be adjusted, replaced & repaired or maintained by an experienced professional.


Hiring a Washington DC Garage Door professional to attend the garage door spring repair and replacement tends to be much easier and safer option for homeowners.  If you hire a professional from Washington DC Garage Door Service to do the job, you can get Garage Door back to working condition quickly. Washington DC Garage Door Service provider with its experience and door repair equipment attends the Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair process efficiently and safely. Since we are self-governing we are flexible and strive to offer you with some of the top Garage Door Repair service with best prices around the area. Be sure to call our garage door professional for any garage door repair services on our number < (202)="" 683-6040=""> or mail us at> to fix it today.


When you schedule a professional garage door repair service for your home, the door technician may take some time to reassess the safety & performance of your overhead door spring. You must understand that a broken garage door spring can prompt a safety issue to every member of your family if kept unattended. However, by hiring a professional garage door repair service, you can rest assured that your overhead door torsion spring is going to operate without any fault. Let’s talk about how a torsion spring work and the vital part that they play in the operation of your overhead door.

Broken Garage Door

How do torsion springs work in garage doors?

The torsion spring is a high tension part probably the most important part of any overhead door. Because of the distinctive physical attributes of a spring, torsion springs are able to accumulate energy inside their coils. When the springs are retracted, they’ll be capable of storing a large volume of energy. When the spring is discharged, the power from the coil is discharged into the garage opening machinery. However, torsion springs are different from typical springs as they’re made of a stronger & sturdier material.

Torsion springs & your overhead door:

Torsion springs play an important part in the closing and opening of your overhead door. Usually, a torsion spring needs to be placed  on top of your garage opening. When your overhead door is closed, the spring will roll its coil. Once you push the switch of the garage door opener, the spring will unroll. The action of unrolling offers power to the overhead door opener & makes the bulky door simpler to lift.

garage door repair

How to maintain your torsion spring properly:

Being the owner of an overhead door, it’s really essential to ensure that your torsion spring is maintained properly. With heavy usage, the coil in your torsion spring will undergo a natural level of wear & tear. If you ignore to have your garage door torsion spring repaired by a professional, your overhead door may fall short to lift safely which may cause physical damage. A professional garage door repair unit can easily assess the condition of your torsion spring & let you know when it’s time for a substitution.

Many home owners think this as a DYI task  as a follower of some Blogs or Photos or videos available online to them however it is a very very dangerous and risky  to repair or replace the Springs of your Garage door.  You need to check with a Garage door specialist for such Spring repair and Garage door maintenance.

For professional Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement or repair, you can always count on the service offered by Washington DC Garage Door. We specialize in delivering the highest quality of installation, repair, and replacement of garage door torsion springs. To get a free estimate, contact us on (202) 683 6040.