"I'm a freelance photographer specializing in location photography for better corporations, agencies and publishers around the world.

My shoots are, generally, low key and relaxed. It makes for a nice environment for ""real people"" or executives that aren't comfortable in front of a camera.

I was the fifth child born at the University of Missouri Medical Center. My father was a judge and all-american wheelchair basketball player. My mother was a grief counselor and asthmatic marathon runner.

As a boy, I had a dog that could count to 100 and play kick the can. When I was thirteen, my younger brother and I ran a small pig farm in Wisconsin. My first car was a 1963 Datsun Bluebird.

I've been vetted by the FBI for Top Secret clearance. While in college, I made an estimated 20,000 pizzas. I've been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize and for Magazine Cover of the Year. I occasionally play lead guitar in a bar band. "
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