Garage doors are playing a vital role on store or departure your vehicle. On the off chance, if they will malfunction, it will create an awful situation. In order to keep them functional all the time, they need proper care with expert assistance. Before you are going to purchase the garage door opener, make sure that, you have properly check important things including type of drive, horsepower, security, remote control and motor. After researching thoroughly, then make your purchase. There are several important factors to consider while going to choose the right garage door opener.


Vital things those must be followed while make your purchasing




Horsepower is one of the basic things that directly connect to your door. It make you sure, the opener has accurate power to lift the door. This is the reason; you should make your purchase after checking the horsepower. The power of your motor is mainly get influenced by the type of garage door, weight, height and balance. Most of the single and double garage doors, one and half HP motors are perfect. If the garage doors are heavier, three to four HP motors are the perfect choice. Make sure that, there is no mistake while choosing one and half HP garage door opener.


Different type of drive


Belt drive– According to experts, belt drive garage door openers are performing well. They don’t create any noise and this feature makes it ideal to install as your garage door opener.


Chain drives– These are commonly noisy because, they use the conventional method of metal chain along with metal trolley. While they move on track, the friction creates noise. People choose them because, these are least expensive.


Screw drives– It mainly lifts the door with the help of a threaded steel rod. Some manufacturers also produce them with a plastic coating on the rod by which the noise gets reduced.


Direct drive-This is one the latest drive that opens the door without much noise or faster than the others. It doesn’t use any chain or belt like others. Only moving parts make it functional.


Remote controls


While you have remote control, getting into and out of the garage is easier. There will be no requirement to come up from the car and open the door manually. When people started using remote controls, the use number of accessories also gets increased. There are mainly two devices are important, the censor and the wireless keypads. The full variety of controls may not provided for all garage door opening systems but make it sure that, you are purchasing the package including the remote control.


Safety and security 


It is true that, maximum people those are purchasing belt drive garage door openerthey must be well concerned with the safety and security of the accessories. Most of the manufacturers today, follow the accurate safety and security standards for their product.


3850 series of belt drive garage door openers

  • Security systems to prevent unauthorized entry.
  • Safety systems to protect the users from accidental closings along with break-ins.
  • In the event of entrapment, it uses quick-release mechanism on the trolley that allows the garage door to disconnect from the opener.


Apart from them, there is a number of safety and security features are now adding to these systems.




Make sure that, you properly know the terms of the warranty. Few manufacturers give warranty for the entire package and few others only for parts. Check them out thoroughly before make the purchasing.


It will best for you to compare them thoroughly. A comparison table will wipe out the confusion and make you clear about the system. Still if you are confused which will be suitable, ask the garage door experts.

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