When you schedule a professional garage door repair service for your home, the door technician may take some time to reassess the safety & performance of your overhead door spring. You must understand that a broken garage door spring can prompt a safety issue to every member of your family if kept unattended. However, by hiring a professional garage door repair service, you can rest assured that your overhead door torsion spring is going to operate without any fault. Let’s talk about how a torsion spring work and the vital part that they play in the operation of your overhead door.

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How do torsion springs work in garage doors?

The torsion spring is a high tension part probably the most important part of any overhead door. Because of the distinctive physical attributes of a spring, torsion springs are able to accumulate energy inside their coils. When the springs are retracted, they’ll be capable of storing a large volume of energy. When the spring is discharged, the power from the coil is discharged into the garage opening machinery. However, torsion springs are different from typical springs as they’re made of a stronger & sturdier material.

Torsion springs & your overhead door:

Torsion springs play an important part in the closing and opening of your overhead door. Usually, a torsion spring needs to be placed  on top of your garage opening. When your overhead door is closed, the spring will roll its coil. Once you push the switch of the garage door opener, the spring will unroll. The action of unrolling offers power to the overhead door opener & makes the bulky door simpler to lift.

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How to maintain your torsion spring properly:

Being the owner of an overhead door, it’s really essential to ensure that your torsion spring is maintained properly. With heavy usage, the coil in your torsion spring will undergo a natural level of wear & tear. If you ignore to have your garage door torsion spring repaired by a professional, your overhead door may fall short to lift safely which may cause physical damage. A professional garage door repair unit can easily assess the condition of your torsion spring & let you know when it’s time for a substitution.

Many home owners think this as a DYI task  as a follower of some Blogs or Photos or videos available online to them however it is a very very dangerous and risky  to repair or replace the Springs of your Garage door.  You need to check with a Garage door specialist for such Spring repair and Garage door maintenance.

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