Mosquitoes are the tiny buzzing creatures that are the root cause of various death causing diseases like dengue, malaria and many more. These tiny creatures are extremely annoying and make our lives miserable with constant irritation. Precautions are always better than prevention hence we must take necessary precautions to keep ourselves safe from mosquitoes.


Once mosquito infestation is detected the best steps to get rid of mosquitoes that one needs to take are:

Mosquito Repellent and Mosquito Net

One of the easiest ways to keep mosquitoes away is applying mosquito repellent to the skin. Many mosquito repellents available are safe and highly effective. Using mosquito nets over bedding is another way to stay away from mosquitoes.

Stagnant Water Removal from Home Surroundings

Keeping the drains surrounding your homes clear and running is necessary to prevent mosquito breeding as they breed in warm and damp conditions. Hence ensuring that the drains, gutters and other water sources remain unblocked is highly essential. Also, covering water containers with the lid is highly recommended to avoid mosquito infestation. Another method is leaving golden fish into the garden ponds so that they can eat the mosquito larvae.

Cutting out Grasses and Weeds

The higher humidity levels of weeds and grasses attract mosquitoes to rest during the day as it allows them to survive the daytime temperatures without drying out. Hence, it becomes necessary to control the growth of weeds in your yard.

Using insecticides

Wide range of insecticides are available that are helpful in controlling mosquito breeding to some extent but professional mosquito control services are always recommended to fight bigger mosquito problems.



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