Small rats can easily squeeze their way through holes that are as small as half an inch in size. The rats can also enter through the unprotected ventilation holes in the roofing eaves. Unfortunately, most homeowners aren’t even aware of the fact that such holes exist in their roofing. However, boarding up the holes with wooden battens cannot also solve the problem.

In fact, rats are extremely destructive creatures and they can gnaw through wood, cloth, concrete, plaster, and insulation around electrical wires as well. In short, they can cause a significant amount of destruction if they get into your home. Therefore you must need the support of a professional rats control specialists service in Silver Spring Md to get rid of such issues. Here is little reason why Rats infestation spread fast in any area!

Difficult to spot nesting areas

Since rats build their nests in quiet and dark spots in your property, it is not easy to identify where these are! Any DIY pest control methods you use only help eliminate mice that venture into the open areas of your home. The ones that hide in their nests and avoid any baits you have set, continue to breed at a steady pace.  Professional rats control specialists in Silver Spring Md have great skill to identify such areas for a fast, easy and effective rats infestation solution in any home.

Rats Control Specialists in Silver Spring Md

They can Gain Access through Small Entry Points

Since rats are tiny creatures; therefore have the ability to easily fit through the smallest crevices. So, even if there are holes of 1/4th size in diameter of a rat anywhere in your home’s structure, they can easily find a way in. You might block the most evident and larger entry points in your home space, it’s equally important that you must seal up these smaller points as well.

More Hiding Spaces

Rats can survive in any kind of areas they live in, and they are extensive in cities and rural areas, therefore, make much of a problem in both these settings. If you have a larger property, then the rat infestation will also be proportionately larger. Therefore, rats will get more spaces to hide, nest and breed. They can build nests in basements, attics, behind walls, in air-conditioning ducts, behind furniture, in closet areas, in clutter under the beds and much more. Expert rats control specialists in Silver Spring Md will help to trace out such areas to solve the Rats infestation problem effectively in no time.

They Breed Rapidly

Rats and mice are fast breeders and once they find any space where they can get easy access to their food, they will build their nests even colonies there. Female rats have the big breeding capacity and can breed eight to ten times a year and can breed 3-12 mice at a time. So it is easy to understand why s a mouse infestation can quickly get out of hand! However, if you have only a few mice in your home, you may be oblivious to their existence. This also means, by the time you actually notice there are mice on your property; the infestation may have gotten out of hand.


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