When you think of Washington DC, you think of many things; politics, big business, and even history. Yet few people realize just how family friendly life can be when you live in downtown DC. More and more people are seeing the city for the many perks it has that can enrich a child’s life in ways no other city could do. Not only does it offer tons of amenities for children to learn and grow the benefits to the parents are awesome as well,


“With the District’s downtown population continuing to grow … more families are deciding to remain downtown rather than de-camp for outer neighborhoods or the suburbs.”


So, no matter what age your children are or how large a family you have, you’ll find that there are countless outlets for growth in many directions when you live in DC.


Job Opportunities


Families can also relax with the knowledge that they will be able to financially support their household in every way. With the economic troubles that many cities are facing, it can be comforting to know that Washington, DC is a place where job security is relatively high. Whether you’re looking for a new job when you relocate or you’re looking to climb the ladder of success you’ll find that the city is the ideal location to get everything you’ve been looking for.




Life downtown can be a convenient one too. Not only is it easy to get around in the DC area, you’ll be within arm’s reach of everything you need. With a Walk Score of 96, downtown residents can take care of all your needs on foot. You won’t have to worry about parking, purchasing a vehicle, or getting to all of your other destinations when you’re located in the city. Consider the comments made by,


“This is the central business district for the nation’s capital and it’s home to businesses, museums, theaters, restaurants, and the major sporting venue – the Verizon Center. The White House is also within Downtown and there are a number of popular urban parks.”


It won’t matter what you need to do, you’ll find that once you live in the Downtown area, you’ll be centrally located to some of the most popular destinations in the entire city.

So, for those family heads that are looking to place their family in a location convenient to everything around them, you’ll find that life in apartments in  downtown DC will have you close to everything your family may possibly need to start a new life in a great city.