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The popularity of Android is continuously increasing, with over 3 billion active users all over the world. But when the new details of Android 12 OS were announced at Google I/O 2021, it garnered the whopping attention of people from the tech community.

Are you aware of the announcement where Google unraveled interesting Android 12 features?


Don't worry; we won't let you stay in the dark anymore. From improved privacy to a new design, today, in this blog, we would highlight all the latest big features showcased at Google I/O 2021. So without any further ado, let's get started!

1# Material You

During the virtual conference, Google announced that the company based the UI elements around feelings that created Material You. It alters the look of the system based on user interactions and builds upon Google's material design. This operating system will-

  • Initiate the sampling of personal elements
  • Customize the system's color palette dynamically
  • Respond to touches with the help of animations

2# Animations

The company also showcased a new ripple effect when the power button is pressed or when the user picks up the phone. Google has enhanced the animations by confining resource background tasks like package manager and activity window. Basically, the tech giant has reduced background tasks for key system services.


3# Setting Access

The giant has particularly redesigned the setting access. With a bigger button, the pull-down notification shade will automatically become more intuitive. One would be able to summon the Google Assistant by long holding the power button. Both smart home controls and Google Pay will have their own space in Quick Settings.


4# Privacy Dashboard

Android 12 will also feature a transformed Privacy Dashboard. In the dashboard, the users would be able to find the summary of permission settings and would be able to adjust them accordingly. This would solve the problem of multiple bounces that were needed to change permission for several applications.


But that is not all for the Privacy Dashboard. It will also present sensor access for every application with a timestamp. Doing this will add a bit more transparency. For example, users would be able to learn when the phone's doing when they are not looking.


5# Camera & Microphone

The camera and microphone are two of the most important features of a smartphone. According to the newly revealed features, both of them will now be closely monitored. According to the new update, Android 12 will now display an icon in the top status bar.

This will allow the users to revoke access for all apps from Quick Settings.


6# Location Detection

This feature will be divided into two-

  • Precise
  • Approximate

This will segregate the applications on the basis of the required type of location. For example, weather apps would work with approximate location and on the other hand, apps like city mapper would work well with precise location.


7# Private Compute Core

Another thing that we all need to look forward to is Private Compute Core. It appears to be a software solution that possesses the capability to isolate sensitive user data required for local Artificial Intelligence processing. It will be a privileged space within the operating system. It is highly similar to the partitions used for sensitive bio-metric data or passwords.

The tech giant has made this software solution open source and it can be easily inspected by the entire security community.

Now you know what to expect when Android 12 lands this fall! Are you excited about the final version? Drop your views in the comment section and let us know!

For more such exciting and tech-related news updates, stay tuned to this space for more information!

Happy reading!

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