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A green card or permanent residence application is not that easy. The USCIS will review your application in detail before you get permanent residence. If you don’t meet the eligibility criteria, your application will be clearly rejected. Here are some of the common reasons why most Green card applications get denied. Make sure that you are not committing these mistakes and save your application from getting denied.  

  1. Health concerns

If you have a communicable disease or a significant health concern, the USCIS or the concerned authorities may not approve your application. A complete medical examination will be conducted to ensure that you are healthy and free from all diseases. A government-approved doctor will conduct such investigations. You can even reach out to an immigration attorney Seattle WA to discuss the eligibility criteria. They will help you understand if there are chances of getting approved or not. 

2. Criminal records

If you have been convicted of a crime, your green card application will not be considered. If you have been involved in crimes such as fraud, trafficking, prostitution, money laundering, there are chances that your application will be denied. Answer all the questions in the application form truthfully. Making any false statement can lead to strict legal actions further. 

3. You are an immigration violator

If you have tried to enter the country illegally, it is likely that your application will not be considered. You should not violate the terms and conditions of the visa process. Make sure that you follow everything. Consider consulting an immigration attorney to avoid making such huge mistakes. These could lead to denial or a permanent ban from visiting the country. 

4. Failure to meet the deadlines and attend appointments

If you fail to meet any deadline or appointment, your green card application may likely get denied. Therefore, you must ensure that you are meeting all the deadlines and attending all the appointments. If you can’t attend any meeting, you must ask the concerned person to reschedule it. It could save your application from getting denied. Therefore, you must take all these necessary steps and follow-up with the authorities timely. 

5. Security-related concerns

If you were involved in terrorist efforts or anything related, your application could be denied. You should not engage in anything related to terrorism or violate the US export laws. Violating the laws of the country equated directly to the denial of the application. Avoid making such attempts to save your application from getting denied. 

6. Failed to meet the application requirements

It is necessary to meet the eligibility criteria to get the visa. You must have all the documents, paperwork. Focus on gathering all the essential documents, submit all the fees, and everything timely. If you have any doubts regarding your application, you can get in touch with the lawyer to help you with the process. The requirements may vary for each type of visa. Therefore, it is suggested to check the website or consult an experienced immigration attorney. 

Leverage the services from global immigration services to complete the process. Having an immigration lawyer will benefit you in various ways. An attorney will even check whether it is worth applying for the visa or not. You can discuss with the attorney the type of visa you are looking for. They will help you understand whether you meet the criteria or not. In case you don’t meet the eligibility, they will help you strengthen your application and improve your chances of getting the visa. Schedule a free consultation meeting with an immigration attorney to proceed further and complete the process. 

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