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Laurel, MD (May 2020) - Pool Service & Repair LLC is a respectable pool service and maintenance company. At the beginning of the month, it announced the completion of the 100th fountain maintenance service. It was done for a long-term client who is more than satisfied with the condition of his fountain.

Pool Service & Repair LLC offers commercial and residential pool services in Laurel MD. For clients who opt for commercial services, there are pool leak detection and repair, and cleaning and replacing filters and spa heaters. Also, commercial pool services in Laurel MD include pool deck pressure washing and pool cleaning and draining. All this is done with or without the acid solution. On the other hand, residential pool services in Laurel MD include pool opening and closing, followed by deck pressure washing. Finally, there is leak detection and draining. In the end, there is always acid cleaning.

Pool renovation in Maryland is a pool service that ensures having a better pool’s condition with changing or updating the pool’s materials. Pool renovation in Maryland is performed in several possible ways. Some of them include replacing the tiles of vinyl linear. Also, there is changing of the pool’s deck material to add flagstone, pavers, or stamped concrete. In the end, pool renovation in Maryland includes resurfacing the pool with a pebble-based finish.

Pool maintenance in Laurel MD is a service done by  Pool Service & Repair LLC professional pool techs. This service is important to keep and preserve the best pool’s quality. Every regular upkeep makes it at its best. Pool maintenance in Laurel MD as a pool service consists of numerous services. First among them is adding water in the pool when and if it is needed. Then,  Pool Service & Repair LLC’s team offers to vacuum the client’s pool and backwash the filters of the pool. After that, regular pool maintenance in Laurel MD includes cleaning skimmers and checking the necessary chemicals. The next pool service in Laurel MD connected with pool maintenance is balancing the chemistry of the pool’s water. In the end, brushing pool steps and pool walls is done as a part of pool maintenance in Laurel MD by Pool Service & Repair LLC staff.

Fountain maintenance in Maryland is a fountain service provided by Pool Service & Repair LLC. Every fountain owner needs to think about his fountain to ensure it lasts longer. Fountains are delicate possessions that should constantly look clean. Fountain service in Laurel MD is necessary to restore the first look of the fountain and make it look even younger than it is. Pool Service & Repair LLC’s team is certified and trained to take care of all unwanted particles and dirt in and around the client’s fountain when working on fountain maintenance in Maryland. Timely cleaning of the collected plants, leaves, and sediment may give the muddy, dirty, or even murky look to the fountain’s water. Sometimes, there can be some fish in the fountain that can make the fountain clean and maintenance in Maryland even harder. However, Pool Service & Repair LLC fountain services in Laurel MD are timely and efficiently done and attention is paid to every single detail. Every fountain can be in its best condition if it is adequately maintained in regular periods.

Pool Service & Repair LLC is a trustworthy pool firm that offers its services connected with pool maintenance and pool renovation. True professionalism and devotion to quality work are two basic characteristics of the Pool Service & Repair LLC’s work. What sets this company aside are experienced pool technicians who use their vast knowledge in the pool business to provide the top-class pool services to every client. Pool Service & Repair LLC is turned to timely response and answering all clients’ pool wishes. The team from this firm gives its best to provide pool services according to clients’ needs respected both time and money given by the client. This company always tries to go the extra mile for their clients’ satisfaction. Its pool services are available 24/7.

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Company: Pool Service & Repair LLC

Phone: (443) 775-7136

Address: 10635 Whiterock CT Laurel, MD 20723



Contact Person: Ivan Jocic

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