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Alexandria, VA (February 2020)Air Duct Cleaning LLC is a professional duct cleaning company which has recently introduced flat-rate pricing for its duct cleaning services. In this way, all hidden and unwanted fees would be avoided and clients should be sure how much they need to pay without any additional costs.

Problems with ducts should be regarded as really serious ones and a significant amount of time needs to be paid on them. Experts in duct cleaning in Virginia coming from Air Duct Cleaning  LLC see all duct issues as equally important and advise every homeowner to try to notice and eliminate them on time. In this way, further serious problems are prevented.

The statistics state that 17,000 dryer fires hazards in the US each year cause around 50 deaths, 370 injuries, and more than $230 million dollars loss. In about 35% of the cases, the cause is a clogged and uncleaned dryer vent.

Air Duct Cleaning LLC offers dryer vent cleaning services in Alexandria VA. When clogged dryer vents become a huge problem to every homeowner, dryer vent cleaning in Alexandria VA is the most adequate solution.

Vent clogs and debris from a dryer vent are eliminated by Air Duct Cleaning LLC techs. When this procedure is over, double or triple less amount of time will be used by the dryer to perform its assigned function. The completion of the dryer vent cleaning process in Virginia covers several important phases. The beginning is the removal of the dryer from the client's wall, followed by cleaning the dryer vent from both inside and outside. For this task, a frush of 4 inch is used. Then there is the cleaning and inspecting of the hose connected to the dryer vent. In the end, the dryer vent is connected again to the wall. The test of the airflow and dryer's heat is done, as well.

People should not see HVAC system cleaning in Alexandria VA as a DIY project. A team of cleaning pros from Air Duct Cleaning LLC does that detailly utilizing some adequate equipment. It is advisable that an HVAC system cleaning tech visits a client’s house regularly, in 3-5 years' time to prevent any possible issues. Therefore, the heating and cooling bills will be lower and the entire HVAC system would function as well as it can be. 

There are many issues with dryer vents. All of them should be spotted and solved on time. Moisture spots on the ceiling are one of them. They may appear to be a serious problem and Air Duct Cleaning LLC is at a client’s disposal to help. Also, the air may be coming out of the exhaust hud together with the moisture coming out of the dryer. In addition, more that one cycle may be needed to dry, which is a signal of potential risk and malfunctioning. If a dryer gets very hot when it is turned on, it is also a problem that should be combated with.

Air Duct Cleaning LLC is a Washington DC Metro Area-based company that specializes in cleaning and sanitizing air ducts, dryer vents, and carpets. This firm is committed to removing dust and debris on-site and at the source using high-quality equipment including pressurized vacuums and powerful tools of removal. If an HVAC system is not maintained adequately, it is susceptible to clogged air filters and buildup of bacteria, pollen, dust mites and even pests and rodents. This not only contributes to poor ventilation but it can also lead to the deterioration of the system and contribute to hazardous air quality for the client’s family. Regardless of whether a home or business relies on a single or multi-stage HVAC System, Air Duct Cleaning LLC can help. The licensed team of technicians is well-versed in properly and efficiently cleaning the air ducts and dryer vents in order to help reduce energy consumption, improve indoor insulation and eliminate the potential risks of poor air quality (such as allergic reactions and long-term respiratory issues).

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