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A brand-new website launched by Guard Armed Security

Arlington, VA (October 2020) - Guard Armed Security is a rising star in the world of armed security. This is a truly promising company tending to become a leader in the security business which offers top-quality services to all clients who need the maximum security level in their business. These days, a brand-new website is launched by the company to present its services in the best possible way and make it as close to future clients as it can be.

Guard Armed Security offers high-class security services in Arlington VA to its clients with one basic goal: to make every single client satisfied with the level of provided security. All services done by Guard Armed Security are tailored to show attention to detail and quality with clearly visible results in the end. Custom designed security programs in Arlington VA are made to fit clients’ needs and budgets. Its professional security team always thinks about the best security decisions that are critical for every single client and provides 24-hour services. Every step done by Guard Armed Security’s staff is committed to security excellence and merged with proven professional experience.

Guard Armed Security has the main goal to effectively protect and assure all valuable assets important to its clients offering its armed security services in Arlington. When it comes to these kinds of services, the skill and extensive tactical experience of the Guard Armed Security team comes on the stage. The best possible protection is assured to clients’ special events, parties, businesses, and assets in general. Whether a customer needs short-term assistance for a one-single occasion or a multi-month security, Guard Armed Security’s armed guards, who are trained to act instantly, are ready to help.

Event security services in Virginia are done by Guard Armed Security. When a client plans an event, he has to assure the top-security level. This is especially important in the case of sports events, celebrity appearances, grand openings and concerts, various festivals, meetings, business events, and private parties. The staff employed by Guard Armed Security is always prepared to provide both pre- and post-event logistics and traffic control. The restricted areas are supervised and emergency response is constantly on the top-level. Event security events imply security inspections and detailed coordination with the event staff while the access at the entrances and event exists is watched. The flow of events is the greatest priority and Guard Armed Security techs give their best to respond adequately to unruly attendees or violent situations.

Front desk security in Arlington VA is one of the special services performed by Guard Armed Security officers who constantly utilize multitask in all necessary areas which they cover. Clients’ employees are always greeted, as well as visitors and vendors. Trained techs answer phones and general questions while they sign all visitors in and out of the clients’ building. It is important that Guard Armed Security staff issues visitor badges and delivers necessary messages. Also, these guards escort clients and provide an immediate on-site response to 1st Aid, CPR, and AED emergencies. In this way, each unwanted and unsafe behavior is deterred and an orderly front desk reception or lobby area is ensured 24 hours a day.

Store security in Virginia is one of the services done by Guard Armed Security. The professional team of guards from this company develops the best professional plan of action to put a final stop to every kind of theft and shrinkage that may occur in the client’s store. Since the store security needs to be at the top level. Guard Armed Security is equipped to handle each task as fast as it may be. Security officers are well-trained to recognize theft threats and react adequately providing ongoing surveillance in all store areas and sections.

Guard Armed Security is a firm whose employees pay full attention to every security detail in agreement with the client. The crucial thing is seen in the characteristics of the guards who tend to be serious, professional, and business-oriented while performing their jobs. For Guard Armed Security, the finalized security task is when a client shows complete satisfaction because the security level in his business is on the desired level.

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Company: Guard Armed Security

Address: 5550 Columbia Pike #323, Arlington, VA 22204

Phone: (571) 429-3560



Contact Person: Danilo Bajagic

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