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B&D Pools LLC has finished its 125th pool plastering

Silver Spring, MD (September 2020) - B&D Pools LLC is a respectable pool company shining in the pool business for more than 15 years. This month, it announced the successful completion of the 125th pool plaster project. All present and future clients of this company may be sure that their pools are in the experienced hands of B&D Pools LLC’s staff whose experience in pool plastering is now more than evident.

B&D Pools LLC is a pool company ready to help every client who wants to have the pool in the best possible condition. By offering numerous pool services in Silver Spring MD, this pool firm supports the regular pool cleaning and maintenance. The time and use have to leave the marks on the pool, but B&D Pools LLC is trying to restore the freshness and shine to every pool in the best possible way.

B&D Pools LLC provides residential pool services in Silver Spring MD. These services include pool opening and/or pool closing. Pool cover removal, winter plugs removal, deck equipment installation, heater and pump starting, leaks checking, pool floor vacuuming, and pool water balancing are some of the most significant areas where B&D Pools LLC can help. Pool closing, on the other hand, covers the deck equipment removal, pool water level lowering, clearing the pool pipes with the air compressor system, and adding all necessary chemicals for winter.

Pool maintenance in Silver Spring MD is one of the services offered by B&D Pools LLC. Every pool owner who cares for his pool knows how important it is to have it maintained regularly. These can be bi-weekly, weekly, and twice a week. A set of necessary actions is done at each of these intervals.

B&D Pools LLC offers commercial pool services most professionally. These services are numerous and equally important so that each pool has the best possible treatment. Cleaning and draining with or without the acid solution and pool deck pressure washing are just some of them. Then, there is leak detection and repair together with tile replacement and coping stones. B&D Pools LLC takes care of the pool filters and does cleaning and replacing when necessary. For those clients whose pool and spa heaters need replacement or repair, B&D Pools LLC is at disposal. Deck repair and upgrades together with pool plastering or white coat are frequently wanted commercial pool services in Maryland, as well.

B&D Pools LLC is present in the pool servicing world for over 15 years. Its services are aimed at both commercial and residential clients in Maryland, Virginia, and the Washington DC area. In the hands of its experienced pool technicians, every pool will be treated in the best possible way. B&D Pools LLC is an insured and licensed pool company ready to help every client and take care of his pool.

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Company: B&D Pools LLC

Address: 1107 Dennis ave. Silver Spring, MD, 20901

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