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Germantown Pool Maintenance has just celebrated important first business year

Germantown, MD (August 2020) – Germantown Pool Maintenance is a leading company in swimming pool maintenance and service business. This month is important for all employees in the company since it celebrates 1st year of successful existence in the business world.

Pool maintenance in Germantown is one of the most important things for every pool owner. A properly maintained pool will last longer and be in the best condition. Germantown Pool Maintenance is there to help their clients with the professional pool advice and all necessary actions needed to get pools back into the desired state. Pool cleaning services should be done regularly. Pool cleaners from Germantown Pool Maintenance are professionals who come to the client’s place to check and adjust water levels and chemical balance. They maintain the pumps and filters and always check the pool skimmers.

Germantown Pool Maintenance has a lot of experience with custom-designed swimming pools in Germantown. Each client has to imagine his dream pool, and in a step-by-step procedure, his wish will become a reality. Installing a custom-made swimming pool is a significant investment and the experienced techs from Germantown Pool Maintenance are always ready to help in reaching the final look in the desired way. Spillways raised beams, waterfalls, and deck jets are just some of the features to be taken into consideration. Some custom-designed swimming pools have special slides, automatic covers, or swim-up bars.

Residential pool service in Germantown includes vacuuming the pool floor and backwashing the filters together with inspecting the equipment and pumps. Germantown Pool Maintenance team then cleans out the pool skimmers and pump baskets. The automatic cleaner is adjusted and all leaves and debris from the water surface are removed. Residential pool cleaning finishes with the refilling of the auto chlorinators with tablets, adjusting salt, and chemical levels.

Germantown Pool Maintenance offers a wide range of commercial pool services in Germantown.  Water characteristics are tested regarding levels of bromine, chlorine, and pH. Swimming pool pump pots and skimmer baskets are cleaned and waterline tiles are brushed by the professional pool techs. Commercial pool services include vacuuming the pool bottom, backwashing the filters, and checking the pool equipment.

Pool restoration in Maryland is considered to be very important. It is professionally performed by the Germantown Pool Maintenance team. It includes numerous services starting with fiberglass swimming pool repair and gel coat repair. Then, there are fiberglass pool resurfacing and emergency repair. Sometimes, the linear repair is needed together with fiberglass blister repair and gel coat distribution.

Germantown Pool Maintenance is a respectable pool maintenance, service, and repair company. It operates mainly in Germantown, MD. Both residential and commercial clients can count on this company when they need help with their pools. The works of Germantown Pool Maintenance differ in complexity and size. Designs, tiles types, plasters, and masonry are numerous, as well.

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