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Midva has recently released a new game named Playbook

Serbia (November 2019) – A creative team of professionals working together in Midva, a company that develops applications, has published an innovative game – Playbook. The basic aim was to bring all gamers something innovative on the app market – a new interactive story game with real choices, fun puzzle gameplays, and various different endings.  The playbook is not a regular tap-based visual novel, it is a narrative, visual and musical masterpiece with animated characters, pleasant for the mind and the senses.

The best interactive experience when playing Playbook is now possible because of the hard work of Midva’s team. Special attention was paid to the characters in the game. The characters in this game are well-developed with complex personalities. Moreover, thrilling scenarios will attract attention of every player. The episodes in a game are tailored to offer choices that will spice up a gamer’s life and chase away the boredom.  In addition, each choice affects the storyline differently. Therefore, gamers have to be sure when they choose their path. It is advised to be the best for a protagonist.

Those who download Playbook will become creators of their own destiny. Also, they will make real choices that branch the story in different directions, each offering you many possibilities. This will help them in maximizing the gaming experience.

Playbook offers different character customization options. The outfit, hairstyle, and makeup are ready to be picked according to the occasion. This is a great possibility offered by Midva to its gamers to make the gaming experience even more pleasant.

Midva games including Playbook are played in a gamer’s mother tongue, because of the fact that Midva apps support English, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Polish and Serbian. Midva will add more languages in the future to meet the needs of its gamers. Gamers will maximize experience when they play games in their mother tongue. This makes the entire gaming adventure more convenient and realistic.

These interactive stories are of various genres – romance, crime, thriller, supernatural, sci-fi, and horror. When a gamer chooses the game, he is in a position to assemble torn pictures, look for differences, find hidden objects, pick locks to open secret doors.

Midva is an app development company that builds, publishes and promotes games for all ages. The Midva team develops numerous est hidden object games and find the difference games - and all of them are completely free. The team of Midva games consists of creative individuals - designers, 3D artists, developers, and a team of leaders who work together tirelessly to help the team thrive, grow, and be successful. These people are colleagues who are diligent and dedicated team players with positive energy, great ideas, and an innovative spirit to work. Midva has created a comfortable work atmosphere that fosters enthusiasm and gives everyone a chance to fulfill his true potential. The goal of Midva’s employees is for our users to enjoy playing their games as Midva team enjoyed making them.

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