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Hope Gymnastics Academy has just announced the offer for its competitive teams’ tryouts for the season 2019-2020, emphasizing that the pre-registration for these tryouts is mandatory

Ashburn, VA (September 2019) - Hope Gymnastics Academy has recently opened tryouts for its competitive teams for the season 2019-2020. These tryouts are open for all girls aged 3-13. The testing is mandatory and it will include the evaluation of the flexibility, strength and basic gymnastics skills on each apparatus. Within one week, parents will be contacted via e-mail for the recommendations for placing the future athletes in one of the programs offered by Hope Gymnastics Academy.  There are pre-competitive, recreational classes and pre-team classes. It is important that the pre-registration for the tryout is mandatory.

Recreational gymnastics in Virginia is organized in Hope Gymnastics Academy. The programs are designed for children as young as 18 months up to 5 years old through a structure of targeted activities based on fun themes. Hope Gymnastics Academy focus on balance, fine motor skills, and coordination with the goal of teaching core fundamental gymnastics movements. There is  Baby Polies Preschool for 2-3 years old which lasts 45 minutes. Another type of recreational gymnastics in Virginia is structured gymnastics classes for Pre-School children aged 2-3 with specialized themes that are loads of fun. This is a great way to encourage the development of a child’s motor skills, balance, coordination. Tiny Polies is a program for 3-4 years old which lasts 45 minutes and introduces basic gymnastics skills: teamwork, strength training, and foundation building. Kinder Polies is for 4-5 years old and lasts 55 minutes. Children from ages 4 to 5 prepare to learn basic gymnastics in Ashburn and work in a group in classes focused on shape, technique, and consistency. Beginner classes are for 5-7 years olds and they last 55 minutes, whereas intermediate gymnastics in Ashburn in Hope Gymnastics Academy is aimed at 7-9 years olds and classes last 1 hour and 25 minutes. Advanced classes are for 9 years olds and up and they last 1 hour and 55 minutes. Gymnasts focus on advanced techniques including concentration, strength, flexibility, body awareness and safety. In Hope Gymnastics Academy, there is also a parkour program divided into three age groups. USA Parkour is fun for all ages and involves running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, with an exciting setup!

Hope Gymnastics Academy offers a compulsory gymnastics program in Ashburn VA. In this program, the rule is that every child which is placed on the same level performs the same routine. Compulsory gymnastics program in Ashburn VA lasts 9 - 20 hours a week. The athletes are required to complete compulsory gymnastics routines (level 2–5). This involves a mid-level commitment and requires the athletes to train year-round with scheduled vacation breaks from training. Physical abilities evaluations will be conducted a couple of times a year to ensure proper development.

The Developmental Program in Hope Gymnastics Academy is by invitation only and is designed to provide an opportunity for young girls showing potential to become competitive in gymnastics. This program is aimed at 4-7 years old and is planned to be 3-6 hours a week. Girls are placed in the Developmental Program by a coach’s recommendation or through an evaluation process. Developmental gymnastics in Ashburn VA is for girls who show an above-average ability and an extraordinary enthusiasm for the sport of gymnastics. The participation in the developmental gymnastics in Ashburn VA  will allow the development of greater strength, flexibility, and skills that may lead to future participation in gymnastics competitions. While skills are a big factor, the child’s desire to learn becomes an even bigger factor. This path is not right for all kids, and that is okay. The level of commitment required to participate in competitive gymnastics is greater than in recreational gymnastics. The time and financial commitment is one that may not be right for all families. The participation in the developmental gymnastics in Ashburn VA starts with a lower level of commitment. This allows parents and coaches to determine whether or not competitive gymnastics is a good fit prior to making a more serious commitment.

Hope Gymnastics Academy is a top gymnastics facility equipped with modern and safe apparatus and staff experienced in Olympic-level gymnastics. The mission of Hope Gymnastics Academy is to help all our children build self-esteem and strength while striving for success and having the best gymnastics experience. They encourage and motivate all kids to put effort into gymnastics activities in order to grow mentally and physically while having fun. Hope Gymnastics Academy also offers a competitive team program for those who show excellent results and are willing to maximally develop their talent. Their goal is to make exercise something children will love because of the fun, safe and stimulating environment coaches create. Children will not only reach their physical maximum, but they will also learn what is teamwork and how to be dedicated and persistent. Hope Gymnastics Academy staff strives to help every child achieve their personal success.

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