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From January on, one hour more is organized within Libero Virginia Mini Volleyball Clinics’

Ashburn VA (September 2021)Libero Virginia is, in the first place, a reputable volleyball club in Ashburn.  Some great news for all young players has arrived from this institution these days. Namely, all members of Mini Volleyball Clinics, from this January, can count on the additional hour of practicing. Libero Virginia’s Volleyball for Kids will have an hour of playing on Saturday 10 AM -11 AM. More information about the Volleyball for Kids and its schedule are displayed on Libero Virginia’s official website.

Libero Virginia is primarily a well-known volleyball club in Virginia. The best results of the players are obtained after hours of devoted training with the team in a brand-new Libero Virginia’s volleyball facility. The team of skillful and motivated coaches is constantly working on developing players’ team spirit and positive attitude towards volleyball games and techniques. Libero Virginia is a volleyball club with a highly-positive reputation which is gained because of the professionally organized practices and volleyball activities of its members who become better volleyball players and more focused on the game.

Libero Virginia offers volleyball for kids in Ashburn. All activities that are included in this service are aimed at mastering kids’ volleyball techniques, drills, and developing an attitude of a future winner. Volleyball for kids in Ashburn transforms kids into real volleyball pros who serve aces and achieve the best results in the game. With the help and dedicated work of Libero Virginia’s coaches, every parent may be completely sure that his kid will feel love towards volleyball as a sport and trust towards all teammates. The perspective volleyball professionals are those who started their career in Libero Virginia’s facility and grown into real volleyball pros.

Libero Virginia organizes volleyball private lessons in Ashburn. They are a perfect fit for all who want to get the maximum from the volleyball game. Individual attention from the Libero Virginia’s coaches is what gives an additional boost to every category of volleyball players. Volleyball private lessons in Ashburn are the most convenient method for ironing bad habits in volleyball playing technique and developing the best approach which gives real results using the maximum of a player’s potential.

Libero Virginia is a specially equipped place where both children of all ages and adults have a chance to improve their coordination, power, strength, teamwork, and health. Volleyball programs, rock climbing, tumbling, gymnastics programs, bouncing, and fitness programs are specially prepared for all who are ready to visit Libero Virginia. This is also a big venue for memorable parties and various activities that include a lot of fun and relaxation. Libero Virginia prides itself with a brand-new facility of 10,000sf, located in the Ashburn area only 3 minutes away from One Loudoun and Dulles Town Center.

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