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New employees joined Pool Service & Repair, LLC

Laurel, MD (October 2021)Pool Service & Repair, LLC is a reliable provider of all kinds of pool services in Laurel, MD. Its experience has made this firm a trustworthy partner of every pool owner who truly cares for his possession. A set of timely and cost-efficient pool services done by Pool Service & Repair, LLC is diverse with teams of pool techs available to visit the pool immediately. These days, Pool Service & Repair, LLC has enlarged its team. Namely, 3 new pool technicians have joined this company’s crew promising to give their best in each activity they are going to be part of.

Pool Service & Repair, LLC carries out all kinds of fountain services in Laurel, MD. Every fountain owner who cares for his possession knows how important it is to have it regularly cleaned and maintained by professionals. A set of fountain services in Laurel, MD includes collecting dirt, leaves, sediment, and plants from the fountain that usually make the water muddy, dirty, and murky.

Residential pool service in Laurel, MD is one of the services provided by Pool Service & Repair, LLC. A team from this firm offers professional pool maintenance services throughout the year using all necessary materials and modern pool equipment to make it a great place for all residents. Residential pool servicing is done on regular basis in Laurel, MD to prolong the pool’s lifespan.

Pool Service & Repair, LLC offers commercial pool services in Maryland. Its technicians are certified pool operators who are trained to handle complex pool repairs and pool equipment replacements. They are also well-coordinated to do regular cleaning and pool maintenance of commercial pools. Since commercial pools are more frequently used and have bigger surface areas than residential pools, commercial pool service in Maryland is more demanding. Pool Service & Repair, LLC help their clients with maintaining apartment complex pools, fountains, professional spas, and hotel pools and hot tubs.

Pool closing in Laurel, MD is a service done by Pool Service & Repair, LLC. This is one of the most essential pool services that prepare a pool for the winter season. A team of professional pool engineers visits the pool and using special pool equipment performs a set of pool closing activities. The first among them is lowering the pool water level and adding special winterizing chemicals. Finally, pool closing in Laurel, MD ends with removing all fittings and pool deck equipment and installing a special pool cover.

Pool Service & Repair, LLC is a provider of A1 class pool services for commercial and residential clients. What makes this firm different from the competition is a well-coordinated team of experienced pool technicians who regard every pool service as a unique project. Pool Service & Repair, LLC offers a wide variety of pool services including pool opening and closing, fountain services, pool resurfacing and remodeling, pool repair, and many others. This company’s staff is available 24/7 and ready to visit a client’s pool ASAP.

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Company: Pool Service & Repair, LLC

Address: 10635 Whiterock CT Laurel, MD 20723

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Contact Person: Ivan Jocic

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