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B&D Pools has launched a state-of-the-art website

Silver Spring, MD (November 2020) - B&D Pools is a professional pool service company that helps each pool owner enjoy his picture-perfect pool with no need to devote even the smallest part of his free time to pool care and cleaning. Recently, this respectable pool service providing firm has presented a brand-new official website to share a more advanced picture of its business and services to all present and prosperous clients.

Pool Service in Silver Spring is provided by B&D Pools. Its basic task is to help pool owners reach the best condition of their pools. Since years of using the pool, weather conditions and swimmers may leave a significant mark on the pool, regular pool service and pool maintenance are the only cure for that.

Pool closing service in Silver Spring is done by B&D Pools. This activity is extremely important at the end of the pool season or in case a pool has to be closed for a longer time. The professional B&D Pools team comes and places special cover to prevent unwanted debris from getting into the pool. With a proper cover, each pool stays clean and ready for the next swimming season.

B&D Pools offers residential pool service in Maryland. Apart from pool opening and closing, pool inspection, and general pool service, residential pool maintenance services are numerous and equally important. Pool repair and pool renovation are perfectly done only by professionals and B&D Pools has proven to be a firm whose experienced techs use the most modern equipment to install pool tile and lightning. Also, they do pressure washing and interior pool surface maintenance.

Commercial pool service in Maryland is done by B&D Pools. Hiring a professional pool company, each pool owner may relax by the pool and be proud of it. With well-trained and experienced pool staff, reliable service scheduling, and personalized commercial pool service, B&D Pools always tailors its pool maintenance options to fit the wishes and needs of the client. Pool and spa heater repair and replacement are a perfect solution to solve all problems with a heater. Then, pool deck pressure washing, coping stones, and tile replacement are usually done as a part of a commercial pool service package by the B&D Pools team. Leak detection and repair together with cleaning with or without the acid solution are often picked by pool owners as pool maintenance services that have to be done. In addition, filter cleaning and replacement and pool plastering are perfect services that help the pool last longer and look perfect.

B&D Pools is a licensed and insured pool company, which have been in the pool business for more than 15 years. B&D Pools provide services for both residential and commercial properties in Maryland, Virginia and the Washington DC area. For more information, please visit


Contact info:

Company: B&D Pools

Phone: 240-716-4109

Address: 1107 Dennis ave. Silver Spring, MD, 20901



Contact Person: Djordje Mincev

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