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Melisa Hogendobler become Herndon Family Dental’s newest employee

Herndon, VA (March 2021.) – Herndon Family Dental is a leading dental studio in Herndon VA whose dentists are skillful experts ready to help every client get his smile back in the shortest time. The entire dental service provided by this dental studio is perfectly done, detail-oriented, and based on the final client’s satisfaction. These days, Melisa Hogendobler has joined Herndon Family Dental’s team as a morning receptionist. She grew up in Herndon and recently returned to the area with her family. She takes great pride in ensuring each patient is heard and is genuine in meeting their needs.

Herndon Family Dental offers dental implants service in Virginia. Dentists from the Herndon Family Dental suggest dental implants to a patient whose teeth are missing. Dental implants used in the Herndon Family Dental are made of titanium and they are surgically placed into the patient’s jawbone to perform the role of the artificial teeth roots that support the replacement teeth. 

Herndon Family Dental provides the Invisalign service in Herndon. Before the actual treatment, one of the dentists from Herndon Family Dental has a consultation with the patient and creates an individual treatment plan to meet the unique plan for the future Invisalign. The dentist in Herndon Family Dental will also provide a patient with the necessary series of custom-made plastic aligners. Invisalign done in the Herndon Family Dental commonly lasts for around one year, whereas for teens it takes some more time to give real visible results. 

Herndon Family Dental offers teeth whitening in Herndon VA. Everyone who wants to have a brighter smile can come to this studio and make his dream come true after the consultation with one of the dentists from Herndon Family Dental. As one of the most frequent dental cosmetics treatments for dental stains removal, the teeth whitening in Herndon VA is done with the teeth whitening trays. In Herndon Family Dental the impression of the patient’s teeth is taken and special whitening trays are made to fit over the lower and upper teeth. Dentists from the Herndon Family Dental put the whitening gel in the trays before they insert them into the patient’s mouth.

Herndon Family Dental provides dental bridges service in Virginia. The lasting of the dental bridge placed in the Herndon Family Dental depends on the oral hygiene maintained by the patient. The entire dental bridge service in Virginia is completed after only two appointments in the Herndon Family Dental and the temporary bridge is received until the permanent one is ready. In the first visit which is a part of the dental bridge's service in Herndon Family Dental, the skillful dentist from this dental studio prepares the patient’s teeth which are going to support the future bridge by filing the enamel down and reshaping them. In the second appointment, a patient is going to have a bridge placed and cemented by one of the Herndon Family Dental dentists.     

Herndon Family Dental is a prestigious dental clinic whose team is professionally led by Dr. Raman K. Jassal and Dr. Subha Yerabollu. The two of them are top-class dentists who have been highly trained in the most respectable world-class institutions in the world, which have to enable these two dental specialists to obtain the best skills and vast knowledge in both the dental field in general and dental cosmetics. Herndon Family Dental is at a client’s disposal 24/7 to provide the A1 quality of dental services in the preventive and restorative area. In this dental studio, the entire dentistry experience is always made relaxing and pleasant while restoring a smile on the patient’s face.

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