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 Recreational weed store DC, with its unique "gifting" system, offers an intriguing landscape for cannabis enthusiasts. Thanks to Initiative 71, adults 21 and over can possess up to two ounces of marijuana and grow up to six plants. However, direct sales are not allowed, leading to an innovative workaround where stores sell items like art or snacks and "gift" cannabis with your purchase.

Top Spots to Visit

  1. Street Lawyer Services: A trendy spot known for excellent customer service and a wide selection of cannabis gifts.

  2. Legacy DC: A community-focused store offering local arts and crafts alongside your cannabis gifts.

  3. Gifted Curators: Located in Adams Morgan, this store combines urban art with cannabis culture for a unique shopping experience.

What to Expect

Expect a welcoming atmosphere and knowledgeable staff ready to guide you through various products, from flower to edibles. Remember, public consumption is illegal, so enjoy your cannabis in private residences.

Washington, D.C.'s recreational weed stores provide a unique and enjoyable way to experience cannabis. Happy exploring!

Short name - Mr Nice Guys DC

Address - 1922 9th St Washington Washington, D.c. 20001

Website -