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To stream various channels, a user needs to register for the Roku account first. A user can do it with the help of the Roku Activation Code. To get the Roku working, it is important to complete the set-up process. For activating the Roku account, you need to visit the website that is setting up the process, the link needs to be typed. The activation code that helps in activating the account is different and unique for every user. To know more about the process and how to set-up the activate Roku with the activation code; take a look at the blog.  

Why is not working?

At times, a user might come across issues where the  . A lot of reasons are responsible to give rise to such issues and among them, some are discussed below.  

  • The validity period of the Roku activation code has expired
  • Using a wrong Roku account
  • The code that you have entered is not accurate
  • Invalid authorization code
  • The Roku link code is mistyped or is wrong
  • A network problem

What the solution is for the above problems?

For every problem that is causing an error in the activation process of, the solution will differ and which is given below. 

  • Solution for expired Roku activation code

While trying to carry out the activation process, you will come across problems where you will notice that the activation code is not working. When you try to enter the code that is displayed on the television, it doesn’t work. The reason for this is the validity time for the activation code has expired. Try to refresh the device and check whether you are able to activate it. If not, then you need to get another activation code. 

  • Solution for using a wrong Roku account 

Most users can come across this issue that is multiple accounts. In that case, you will come across a message that says Roku won’t connect to internetAfter creating an account, they tend to forget the password and since they don't know how to recover it, they again open a new account. The difference here is the Roku device is still connected to your previous account that you have created first. In that case, you need to reset the device to factory settings and after that; you can add the fresh account that you have. 

  • Solution for entering a wrong activation code

The activation code that is required to activate the device through must be entered in the same way that you can see it on the screen. The activation code is case sensitive and you must remember this while entering. For example, if the activation code is “CBaD98”, and if the user types “CBAD98” then the Roku activation code not working statement will pop up. So, you need to make sure that the code that you are entering is correct. 

What are the steps to be followed for registering through a Roku device?

The process of registering the Roku device a user-friendly and easy task and for that, you must have an internet connection to go to the URL of Roku page that is After that, you must follow the process of activation of an account. 

Process of activating the Roku device

The process that needs to be followed to activate the Roku device is stated below. 

  • First, the Roku device must be connected to the internet that the process that needs to be followed to connect the device is visible on the screen. 
  • All the instructions that are stated are important to follow and by doing so, the Roku account can be created. 
  • The new software will get downloaded
  •  You will receive an alpha-numeric code that can see on the screen and you must keep a note of this. 
  • Now proceed to from your device and the code that you have received. 
  • After that fill the details that you can see on the screen and click on the submit button. 
  • Then you will notice that the device is ready to be used. 

Process of activating Roku on Netflix

The process of activating Netflix on Roku device is communicated below. 

  • Check the Roku device is Netflix compatible or not. It means the device needs to have a higher version of the software. 
  • Go to the official site of and search for Netflix. The site can exactly determine the location from where you are operating. 
  • After that click on “start on free month trial” and then you can upgrade your pack to standard or premium pack. 
  • The payment needs to be made dependent upon the package you chose. 
  • After completing the payment process, enter the details that are important to create an account. 
  • An activation code will be received by you that will help in activating the Roku device so that you can watch Netflix.
  • If you come across a message that says no internet connection, then you will not be able to stream Netflix.
  • For that, you must look for an undisrupted internet connection that will allow you to complete the process without facing any error. 
  • After completing the process, proceed to add channels sections. While adding channels if you come across this statement that says can’t add channel to Roku then it means you must make a payment to get the channel.  

How to solve Roku error code 001, 009? 

While carrying out the process of Roku activation code, you can come across Roku error code 001, 009 and the process that needs to eliminate the error is stated below.  

Activation code is wrong

  • First ensure, whether you have entered the URL that is properly or not. 
  • Make sure the caps lock is closed when it is not required while entering the activation code. 
  • The activation code is valid for a specific time, so make sure that you are entering the code within that time frame otherwise the code will become invalid. 
  • When it becomes invalid, you come across Roku error code 001. 
  • In that case, you need to activate a new code again. 

Server end issues

  • If the internet connection is not stable, you will come across an error 009. 
  • In that case, you need to check all the portable wires if it is properly connected or not. 
  • If the internet connection is not proper, you need to get in touch with the ISP that is an Internet Service Provider. 

The process to be followed for activation Hulu on Roku

  • To activate Hulu, you must make sure that you are having a Roku account. 
  • Provide the credentials to log in to the account. 
  • In case, you are not having an account, you must create it first with the Activate Hulu code for Roku
  • After that proceed to the channel list and look for Hulu and proceed to add the channel section. 
  • From there, you can add the channels and check if there is any update that you must do. 

By following this process you can get Hulu on the Roku device.  


The above process helps a user to activate with the activation code. You must make sure that you are entering the exact activation code that is visible on the device of the screen. If you are not able to activate the device with the help of the activation code then get in touch with the professionals who will help you with the process.  

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If you are looking to enjoy the evening by looking at the television shows on the Netflix then you can just do it by getting a streaming player. After linking the ROKU account on the streaming player, you come across a message which states ROKU Link Code Error 001. You will see that message until the error has been resolved by the user. The error is related to ROKU Error code 009 or ROKU Link Code not working. This error has pop up when you were trying to link the ROKU account to the streaming device. This means that the ROKU server is denying the Activation Code for ROKU.

Various causes of ROKU Error Code 001

There are various reasons which can lead to ROKU Link Code Error 001 that are stated below.

  • Wrong Code Punching: This error happens when you make a mistake while typing the code or when the digits that you have entered are wrong.
  • If the code gets expired or if the code is case-sensitive then you might come across this problem.
  • Issue with the server end: If you are having a weak internet connection or a slow internet connection then also you can come across this problem.
  • Setup Problem: You need to be careful while setting up the ROKU device as this can also lead to ROKU Registration Code problem.

Steps to solve ROKU Link Code Error 001

Activation code is wrong

  • You need to be careful while noting the ROKU code and make sure that the link is correct. Before clicking on the enter button, check carefully whether you have entered the right code or not.

Check if there is any caps lock key or not.

  • The code needs to be entered with the specified time that is mentioned. Otherwise it will get expired.
  • If it gets expired then you need to select on another code link which will help in eliminating ROKU Link Code Error 001.  

Server end issues

  • If the ROKU won't connect to wireless network then you need to check whether the internet connection is proper or not. If the ROKU device is showing a purple light this means that the ROKU device is not able to get proper internet connection. For that you need to check what the problem with the internet connection is and then solve it.

Malfunctioning internet

  • If after checking the internet connection also if you are still unable to solve the internet connection network setup then you the error will not get eliminated. You may be facing this because of the improper internet connection.
  • To rectify it, you need to move to the router settings and have a look whether there is any problem regarding it or not.
  • Proceed to the menu button and check the internet connection there.
  • If still the situation is same then you need to get in touch with the internet service provider to check the connection.


The above process will help in rectifying the error code 001 or ROKU activation error.