For those who have recently made the move to DC or are contemplating it, chances are there are many things you’ll need to know about your new home. There is a very big difference in knowing about the city and becoming a real part of it. In order to learn the best way to live in the DC area, you need to remove the stars from your eyes and get to know the true energy of this thriving metropolis. According to the IMF Family Association,


“Washington is not only the home of the Federal Government, but also is headquarters to numerous international organizations, embassies, academic institutions, think-tanks, and national and international non-profit organizations. --- Washington DC is known not only for its monuments and museums but also for its diverse population.”


While many people know a lot about this historical pillar of our country, there are only a few things that the residents can get involved with and really get to enjoy.




The city is the perfect location for those die-hard sports fans. If you’re a lover of baseball, basketball, football, hockey, or soccer, you’ll really get to enjoy life in the DC area. As a matter of fact, a study done by the Washington Post actually revealed that residents of the city care much more about their sports than any other city in the country. So, whether you prefer to sit at home and cheer on your favorite team in front of your television or you want to get out with the crowd to give them your support you’ll be in a city of like-minded people.


Nature Lovers


Those who love to get outside and enjoy their natural surroundings will also find great pleasure from their life in DC. You’ll have at your disposal a number of state and national parks, mountains, rivers, and even a coastal shore nearby - all within a short drive from your new home city. DC is home to several nature centers that can have you getting up close and personal with all sorts of exciting things. As they describe it at The Natural Capital,


“When the weather is rough, but you don’t want it to keep you at home all weekend, it might be a perfect time to find a nature center near you and explore nature indoors – especially if you have kids. … Most centers have naturalists available to answer questions and lead programs; some even offer birthday parties!”


So, even when the weather is too much to get out in the real natural environment, the nature centers scattered around the city will ensure that you can get a chance to expose yourself to as much of the surrounding environment of the city you can stand. You’ll have your chance to see live turtles/snakes, and other living creatures up close and personal without having to get directly out in the elements.


Cultural Amenities


In addition, residents will enjoy a host of theatrical productions, musical festivities, and a host of cultural amenities that can entertain those with the most discriminating of taste. In fact, the city has often been described as a place with just too many cultural amenities to offer its many residents. As they point out at,


“There’s almost too much arts and culture to enjoy in Washington, DC. Here you’ll find the best museums in the world, a prolific performing arts scene and an international community reflected in the city’s restaurants, shops and attractions.”


This translates into one of the best lives you can have when you decide to settle down in Washington DC.


Yes, this is a country that has historical significance for everyone in the world. It’s a place where lives are changed in a big way on many different fronts. But for the residents of the city, life can be as subtle as you choose or as vivacious as you can stand it. If you’re considering relocating to Washington, DC it’s time for you to get personally acquainted with the lesser known secrets of the city and the vast number of amenities it has to offer. While DC is making major changes in the lives of the world around us, residents are more inclined to indulge in the smaller and more subtle differences that can enrich their lives in an entirely different way. You may want to consider living at 2222 Wisconsin Apartments.

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